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Get me leads in 90 days

Why Pay Per Lead?

Marketing is often time consuming and costly. Even though it is the most important task, the unpredictable nature restricts most businesses to invest into marketing.
Introducing “Pay Per Lead” where we take all the pains of marketing away and you only pay for results

Pay per lead offer is suitable for you:

  Limited time to invest in marketing

  Fixed cost of a qualified lead

  Not to invest in unpredictable result

  Money back if results are not generated in agreed time

Why Funnel Simplified?

Most of our clients have tried many types of marketing techniques, however they choose Funnel Simplified because our partnership is based on measurable ROI for their business.

What We Do

We work for selective B2C markets where we offer campaigns on a Pay-Per-Lead basis. At present this is focused mainly on Consumer Finance, Dentist & Real Estate domains.
We help other local businesses get qualified leads with our value based selling system on a retainer contract.
We also help B2B companies implement a direct marketing strategy on LinkedIn to generate qualified leads without paid advertising.
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How We Generate Qualified Leads?

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We Understand Your Business

We invest in understanding your product, service offering, business expertise, unique selling proposition, target market, customer lifetime value and make you a bespoke “Pay Per Lead” offer.


Pay Per Lead Agreement

Based on the type of industry, niche and definition of a qualified lead we enter into a Pay Per Lead Agreement. You pay for the committed number of leads at the agreed cost per lead.

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Pay Per Lead Commitment

The qualified leads are provided to you within the agreed time frame as per agreed qualification criteria. Your end-to-end lead generation efforts are done by us.

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Receive Exclusive Leads Or Your Money Back

You start contacting leads and grow your business. In an unfortunate event, if we are unable to generate qualified leads within agreed time-frame we refund you pro- rated amount.

Benefits Of Pay Per Lead

  We take “end to end” responsibility
  You only pay for results
  No monthly fees
  Qualified leads based on your criteria
  Exclusive access to your leads
  Money-back guarantee
  No long-term contracts

Pay Per Lead Is Perfect For Whom?

Here's how you can make sure that our lead generation services are the right fit for you and your business:

Yes, Pay Per Lead is a fit if you:

    Want a team of experts to do the work for you
    Want to scale the quality, number and frequency of my leads
    Offer high-ticket ($2k - $100k+) products or services
    Know the importance of building trust and relationships in business
    Understand that in order to get a positive ROI on marketing spends, will need investment of time and money

Sorry, Pay Per lead is NOT a fit if you:

    Do not work with clients or do not have an interest in working with clients
    Do not or cannot invest in your business' future
    Do not want leads to scale
    Do not need leads to sell your product or services
    Do not have the bandwidth to handle any more clients

Whom We Served

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Get me leads in 90 days